Lawn Maintenance

Our full-service property maintenance plans are a wise investment. To preserve its beauty, health and longevity, your landscape must be properly maintained. We take a unique approach to each individual property, taking soil quality, irrigation, and environmental issues into consideration. From trees and shrubs to turf and gardens, we protect your landscape investment and customize a maintenance plan to meet your objectives and budget.  Conway Sprinkler & Landscape provides a comprehensive range of grounds maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. Some of our offerings include:

General Grounds Care
General grounds care includes mowing, edging, blowing driveways, patios, walkways and parking lots (where applicable) pulling weeds in flower beds, removing trash from property & spraying weeds in undesired areas.  These services are provided on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Pruning includes trimming of shrubs and trees less than 12′ in height.  Shrubs will be rounded or squared depending on preference.  All trimmings are raked up and removed from property.  These services are usually provided in the spring, mid summer and fall but can be provided on a monthly basis.

Mulching includes a 1-3″ addition of mulch to promote the health and longevity of your shrubs and trees.  During the summer, this helps retain the moisture and keeps plants from drying out.  During the winter, it helps provide a layer of insulation that keeps the roots of shrubs and trees from freezing.  We have several mulch options that include natural hardwood mulch, cedar mulch, dyed hardwood and cedar mulch (red, brown and black) & pine nuggets, bark or straw.  These services are provided in the spring and fall.

Seasonal Flowers
Seasonal flowers include a wide range of options.  In the spring, popular choices are petunias, begonias, impatients, vincas, etc.  In the fall, popular choices are pansies, violas, panolas and marigolds.  For year round color, these services are provided in the spring and fall.

Leaf Removal
Leaf removal includes just that, removing those nasty dead leaves from your lawn and flower beds.  These services are typically performed twice during the fall/winter, however some properties need a full leaf removal much more than that.

Sprinkler Services
Sprinkler services include a spring start-up and a winterization.  We also offer a monthly check up and adjustment during the growing season.  This helps maintain a lush green lawn without overwatering or underwatering and also insures the adjustment is correct on the entire system throughout the year.

Landscape Lighting Services
Some properties have low-voltage landscape lighting installed.  Proper maintenance, adjustment and bulb replacement is essential to prolong the life of the lighting system.  This service is provided year round on a monthly basis.

Pressure Washing
Pressure washing driveways and sidewalks on a regular basis keeps concrete looking new.  On commercial properties, we pressure wash to remove dirt, grease and gum.  For residential, these services are usually provided one to two times per year.  For commercial, these services are usually provided monthly or every two weeks.

Parking Lot Sweeping*
Parking lot sweeping is provided for commercial properties only on a nightly schedule or a one time per week schedule.

Snow Removal Services*
Snow removal is provided for commercial properties only.  These services include plowing the parking lot, shoveling the sidewalk and applying a granular ice melt where needed.  These services are provided on an as needed basis.

*Offered to Commercial Properties Only